El proyecto DREEAM avanza a buen paso, Exeleria toma datos en varios edificios de TREVISO (Italia) para construir sus líneas base de consumo

(Texto de la newletter de Febrero '17 del proyecto DREEAM)

Dear DREEAM partners,

We hope you all have had a a good start of the year. As agreed in Barcelona, there will be an internal newsletter sent to the DREEAM consortium and the Project Officer (PO) every 2 moths.

The purpose is to keep all of you up to date with what is happening in the project and to encourage idea exchanges also beyond the scheduled tasks. With the updates you should also be in a better position to promote the project in your networks. Lastly, the newsletter will be used as platform to spread the word on the upcoming meetings, events and webinars relevant to DREEAM.

Please use this newsletter to showcase your work, expertise and insights on what is happening in the sector of renovation. Should you have any interesting news to share, let us know. In the meantime, enjoy the read.

Best regards,

DREEAM Coordination Team
Izabela & Holger


Exeleria and SinCeo2 in Treviso

The DREEAM work on the new pilot buildings in Italy has started. ATER pilot buildings had to be changed, due to governance and budget restructuring in the Region of Venice. Thanks to the commitment of the ATER team and DREEAM technical partners, the work on the new pilot buildings could start early in 2017. On the 10-11th January Exeleria and SinCeo2 went to Treviso to perform baseline measurements for the new pilot.

During the two days of measurements, Jesus Clemente (SinCeo2) gathered information on building installation and analyses the availability of historical energy consumption data. Based on this, a real-time energy consumption concept will be developed and monitoring equipment will be installed in the second part of February. The monitoring results will be captured on the OpenDomo energy monitoring platform, tailored to the needs of the pilot.

Miguel Fontela (Exeleria) focused on the U-value and thermographic measurements of the building shell. ´The results will now serve to create a pilot baseline and then calculate renovation scenarios that meet DREEAM targets. The aim is to come up with an ambitious, but also financially viable renovation design that will bring the buildings to an nZEB standard. In February ATER will be visited by Kathleen from Savills who will peform a socio-economic evaluation of the pilot, prior to renovation. This is a boxed text block. You can use it to draw attention to important content.

Bax & Company at Energy Efficiency Market Place

Christel Augsburg (Bax & Company) represented DREEAM at the Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place conference organized by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME) in Brussels on 18-19 January 2017. The conference presented ongoing initiatives that contribute to improving access to finance for energy efficiency. A particular focus was laid on policy instruments and initiatives to mainstream finance. The conference content was highly relevant to DREEAM, as finding cost-effective approaches to renovate will play a significant role in scaling up the renovation rate. Representatives from the European Investment Bank, The Climate Bonds initiative, and The European Mortgage Foundation presented ongoing and new initiatives to access finance for renovation. A DREEAM partner, Steven Fawkes from Energy Pro, presented their views on standardization, data and risk for energy efficiency investments. Breakout sessions presented European projects within both private and public sector, as well as projects that have taken an innovative approach to financing renovation.